Who and what are Naturefestival

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Nature Festival consists of  Shamanic association and urtrumman. We want to revitalize the shamanic traditions found in the north and consider us as bearers of the immaterial spiritual and religious cultures of Norway but also welcome simmilar shamanic cultures native to Europe and the world.  Our goal is to create an arena for cultural exchange and for this  we created the Nature Festival for you and for anyone who finds the sacred on Mother Earth. We are an ideal grassroot festival that wants to create memories for life, which is why we call it summer's most beautiful adventure.

Nature Festival is four days filled with games, ceremonies, drumming, healing, alternative market and music. But what people remember best is the good meeting, the good conversations around the fire. Here memories are created for life and the festival is completely drug free. Four days, with proximity to nature, a time to joy, a time for contemplation. Let everyday stress disappear with friends (Also those you have not met yet) and rediscover the sacred in nature, both inside and outside.  We are based on voluntary work and together with you we create an unforgettable festival. All are welcome.



There is a possibility to book a space in common tents, but you will have to bring sleepingmat and sleepingbag. Have in mind that the weather and temperature can vary greatly in Norway and the temperature might differ between 15-25 Celsius. To book a space you need to preorder and prepay by sending an email to sjamamanforbundet.no. Price for accomodation wil be 200,- NOK or about 23 euro or 19 pounds. You can offcourse bring your own tent/gear in case the camping is included in the ticket. 

How to get there

Book a ticket to Oslo airport and from there you need to go to Lillestrøm transtation. If you preorder transport by sending a mail to sjamanforbundet@gmail.com with your arrival time @ Lillestrøm we will come and get you. Timetable for transports are coming. Price for transports will be 100,- nok and covers both arrival and return. 

If you choose to come by car use this Maplink

Catering and food

There is no catering at the festival, however we light up the barbecues every afternoon so you can make your own food there.  There is a shop nearby where you can buy food. You can safely drink the tapwater in Norway.